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NetWest Wireless is West Texas' premier high speed Wireless Internet Solutions Provider (WISP), offering cost effective, reliable options for speedy internet connectivity.  As a market-driven Internet service provider, we are responding to high tech demands for greater bandwidth, high speed, lower cost, greater flexibility and wider range of services.

NetWest offers high speed wireless internet service for your home if you live within the greater Odessa/Midland area, Gardendale, Pleasant Farms, Lone Star and Lonesome Dove editions, Crane, Imperial, or Grandfalls.  Prices start at just $59.95 per month.  The NetWest wireless service is a fixed wireless solution.  This means we will install a dish and radio combination on your rooftop or side of your house and point the dish at our nearest receiver tower.  The dish looks very much like a Dish Network or DirecTV dish system, but instead of the dish being pointed up to the sky the dish is pointed to our nearest tower. 

There is a one time installation fee of $149 dollars.  The first month you will be responsible for the installation fee plus the first months of service for a total of $224.13  This is the first month only and all future months will be billed at $59.95 plus tax.  With tax the total is $62.83 per month.

There is no cap on how much internet data you transfer and there is no long term contract.  The only thing you will sign off on is an equipment agreement that states NetWest owns and maintains the equipment we put at your home.  This means if the equipment breaks we will replace it at no cost to you, or if you decide to cancel service for any reason NetWest will retrieve the equipment from your home.  As soon as we receive your information for service and you are entered into our system, the installation will be scheduled within 2 3 business days.


Customer Premise Antenna
Our wireless network connects to an outdoor antenna or dish placed in a mount typically located on the roof of your house or building.  One of our experienced technicians can ensure the antenna installation and wiring are done in full co-operation with the building owner and according to their specifications.

Customer Premise Subscriber Unit
The antenna is connected by ethernet cable to a wireless radio or subscriber unit (SU) located in the antenna housing. The SU requires a power outlet and is usually connected to a network switch. The switch connects by CAT5 cabling to an ethernet jack in the customer's premise.  The SU brand and model depend on the distance your location is from our nearest Wireless Access Point. Our SU's are chosen for their quality construction, efficient throughput and the security measures they take to ensure your wireless traffic is secure.

Wireless Network Access Point (WAP)
The antenna connect the SU's to Access Points (WAP) strategically positioned on building roof tops and towers located throughout the Permian Basin.


Radios are normally located on home or building roof tops and only accessible when accompanied by the building manager. There is a small risk that a signal may spill over to a neighbor. We remove these risks by programming as narrow a line-of-sight as possible and using sophisticated features and proprietary transmission coding between our network and customer locations.

Our security features include:

  • The access point ID (or for some models the MAC address) must be known since it is not broadcast

  • Similarly, the subscriber unit ID must be known (it is not broadcast)

  • Smart polling of subscriber units ensures that there is no discernible pattern

  • Our network management system and the equipment are protected by a password and a challenge/response scheme

  • The exact RF channel assignment must be known

  • All RF communications are digital, and a potential hacker would need to know the exact terminal equipment generating digital stream

  • In short, the manufacturer, model, modulation technique, throughput, internal scrambling code, forward error correction code are not published and would be required for access

  • Our radios incorporate safeguards to secure the wireless transmission against possible intrusion.


NetWest Online wireless services are engineered to avoid the influence of weather. The most important factor is a clear line of site to our network. We avoid rain problems by using sensitive equipment and limiting the distance to a customer site.


Faster Speeds
Connectivity is faster than Dial-Up, ADSL, or Satellite.  The wireless equipment is designed for easy installation with no need for extra phone lines or other internet access lines.  We provide the absolute best wireless connection available in the Permian Basin.

**See our '5 Mbps for $500' promotion page for our fastest speed.

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