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Call 800-723-2207 for pricing in your area.
Add an additional Email for only $1.00 (for Residential service) $5.00 (for Business Use). Our dialup accounts are simple: Unlimited Interactive access with Credit Card or Direct Deposit - This gets you a full PPP and browser software.

NetWest Online runs Ascend 6000 series servers for dialup connectivity. These hubs are V.90 compatible giving you the fastest dialup connection to the Internet available. Give us a call at 550-8766 to find out more.

Acceptable Use Policy
These statements represent a guide to the acceptable use of NetWest Online's facilities. NetWest Online recognizes as acceptable all forms of data communications across its network, except where Federally subsidized facilities of transport (such as national backbones like NSFNET) may require limitations, or State/Federal/International Law prohibits. In those cases, use of the network should adhere to the general principle of advancing science and education through interchange of information among research and educational institutions except where specific policy statement exist. In cases where data communications are addressed to recipients outside of the NetWest Online supplied Network and are carried over the regional networks or the Internet, NetWest Online users are advised that acceptable use polices of those other networks apply and may, in fact, limit use. If NetWest Online is informed by Federal, State or International authorities of inappropriate or illegal use of NetWest Online's facilities and/or other networks these determinations will be binding on the Customer.  NetWest reserves the right to terminate any account for any reason at any time.

For Dialup Line Connections:

  1. If a dial-up line connection is idle for more than 60 minutes, we will disconnect that line without notice.

  2. If a dial-up line connection is active for more than 4 hours, we will disconnect that line without notice. If you need to be connected more than 4 hours at a time, please get a dedicated line. Connections that are up during business hours for two 4 hour sessions with a one hour break for lunch qualify as a dedicated account.

  3. Each login account entitles the user to only one connection to our network at a time. More than one connection under the same user login name and password may result in the termination access privileges and forfeit the remaining term on their current service period.

  4. We will maintain a "no busy signal" policy.  However, to implement this we need out users to follow the above policies and we need the cooperation of Southwestern Bell.


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