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Emails, Contacts, Financial Reports, Inventory, Customer Accounts - GONE!

It only takes a second to lose years worth of priceless data.
Billions of dollars a year are lost due to human error and malicious spyware and virus programs, which delete valuable data.

Let skilled technicians Get The Data Back and Clean Up the Mess.
Fast, accurate, and confidential data recovery can save your company thousands when disaster strikes your most precious asset.

Data Vault by NetWest online provides the online data backup solution you need to make data protection Easy, Automatic, Secure, and Worry free!  So when disaster does strike, no matter how extensive, you will be up and running in no time at all.  Data Vault's online backup service is Automatic, Affordable, and Secure.

How It Works and What It Costs
- Backup software is installed on the client workstation/server
- Data is compressed and encrypted prior to its transfer.
- NetWest will perform a 'full backup' of the entire data.
- The encrypted data is transferred to NetWest via the LAN / Internet.
- It will reside on our state-of-the-art Secured Data Center.
- For security purposes, only the clients' PC can decrypt the files.

Remote Data Backup Plans


Annual Payment

Monthly Payment


10 GB $263.40 $24.95 Free
20 GB $539.40 $49.95 $99
50 GB $ 1475.40 $ 125.95 $99
100 GB $ 2051.40 $ 174.95 $99
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